Become an ASP

SISL is developing a secure and robust GSP Solution for smooth integration with the prospective ASPs. ASP refers to Application Service Provider. These are the software vendors (like ERPs, accounting packages and other softwares/portals) that facilititate the filing of returns to its users.

An ASP in the GST system will be acting as a connecting bridge between the ultimate tax payer and the GSP. An ASP will collect raw data from the core/end user and process it in a way that the raw data becomes useful information.

To kick off our contract we will be providing you with

  • Test APIs
  • Technical support
  • Functional Support

If you want full detailed information of this offer including charges and payments, you can submit your details in the form and our GST consultants will get in touch with you shortly.

You can also call us on 9821290463 to get onboarded 🙂



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