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Find Your GSTIN

Let’s keep it to the point.

GSTIN is mandatory. For all the businesses falling under the purview of GST, a 15 digit GSTIN number is vital. Therefore, every assessee choosing to register in the State under GST regime would be allotted a unique identification number. The GSTIN is one field that would be matched in order to avail credit.

At present, the taxpayers who are migrating to the current tax regime are being provided provisional GST number. Once the final GST registration number is issued, final GSTIN shall be provided.

However, more than one GSTIN shall be issued on the following conditions:

Different SEZ Operations:  

Each SEZ unit in a State is required a different GSTIN Number depending on the draft registration rules.

Different Businesses of Taxpayer

Each business vertical of the taxpayer in the State shall have different GSTIN, at the option of the Taxpayer.

Separate ISD Registration

Input Service Distributor shall have GSTIN that is different from an ISD Registration. Input Service Distributor is the head office that receives bills from common services pertaining to its branches. Such ISDs shall have a GSTIN that would need to be quoted in all the invoices.

Now, once you get the GSTIN, know in depth what exactly does it stand for.

Here’s the format:

27 AAAAA0000A 1 Z 5

  • The first two digits in the unique GST Identification Number represent the state in which the registration has been taken. For instance, Maharashtra has been provided the unique code 27, according to the Indian Census 2011.
  • The next set of 10 digits shall be the Permanent Account Number (PAN) allotted to the each entity by the Income Tax Authority.
  • The 13th digit would be alpha-numeric and depends on the number of registrations a legal entity has in each State. A legal entity can have up to 35 registrations of business verticals within a State.
  • The 14th Digit is blank for future use.
  • The 15th Digit is the sum of all the digits in the GST Identification Number.

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