GST Rate for Furniture, Wash Basins & Shampoos up for Revision

Furniture & Shampoos Rate under Revision

Consumers may have a reason to rejoice soon as GST Council is going to reconsider the GST imposed on handmade furniture, plastic products and other daily use items such as shampoo.

The GST Council would be meeting for the 23rd time on 10th November. Simplification of rules for return filing will be a part of the agenda for the meeting. Also, the Council would be reviewing those sectors where the total rate of tax incidence has gone up. This occurred because earlier these sectors had a lower rate of VAT or excise in the previous tax regime.

The GST Council has on previous occasions revised the rates for many items since GST implementation took place on July 1 earlier this year with further changes being in the pipeline. “A rationalisation of items in the 28 per cent tax bracket is expected. Most of the daily use items could be lowered to 18 per cent. Also, tax rate on items like furniture, electric switches, plastic pipes could be relooked,” an official said.

Handmade furniture is one of the main items under consideration which falls under the 28% tax bracket. As mostly wooden furniture is made by hand by the artisans working in the unorganized sector, serving the Indian middle class, demands have been made to lower the tax charged on such items.

Some of the other items that fall in the same tax basket are shower baths, sinks, wash basins, bidets, lavatory pans, seats and covers, flushing cisterns and similar sanitary ware of plastics.