GST to Help Curb Black Money: Raghuvar Das

GST Effect: Black Money to be Curbed

GST has been introduced into the financial structure of the country with a lot of hopes. For sure, the uniform indirect tax structure is showing its ease in comprehension from the otherwise multi- stage tax regime. But that’s not all.

Raghuvar Das, Chief Minister of Jharkhand, assured that GST would not only increase the revenue but also help unearth black money.

He quoted,”It will ultimately help in implementing development work faster and benefit the common people. Leakage will be stopped and revenue will increase. A council has been constituted at central level and an advisory committee is working in the state. Businessmen will put forth their problems before these committees and the problems will be sorted out.”

He admits that there are some stumbling blocks during the implementation but that would be done away with time. Further, he appealed to the MLAs to enrich their knowledge about GST and disseminate the information among the common people.

The government has also come up with a toll-free number to sort out issues related to GST.