GST Council Sets Next Meet on Oct 24

Next Council Meet Scheduled for Oct 24

GST Council, headed by the Financial Minister, Arun Jaitley would convene for the next meeting on October 24th. The last Council Meet took place on September 9th, however due to lack of time, only 40 items were taken up for discussion with respect to rate cutting.

A senior Government official informs, “Around 100 items was there in the Council meeting’s agenda on Saturday. Remaining items will be considered in the next meeting on October 24. Most of the remaining items are demands of individual states now.”

The Council Meet on September 9th witnessed some crucial decisions including the constitution of group of members (GoM) for paying heed to the issues of taxpayers and traders using GSTN portal, deadline extension for filing first set of returns etc.

The Government is likely to go for rate revision for items that fall under the bracket of 28%. However, an official decision over the same has not been taken up yet. It is expected that the rates of 60 items will be cut.