Invoice Uploading Facility for Businesses Begun by GSTN

GSTN Starts Invoice Uploading Facility

GSTN has begun accepting upload of sale and purchase invoices of businesses generated from July 1 onwards post GST implementation. Users can save their uploaded invoice data at the portal which would be auto populated by GSTN.

If the taxpayer has limited number of invoices, he can directly enter the details at the GST portal. However, this would not be practicable if the number of invoices is in hundreds or thousands,” GSTN said.

GSTN further added that to help such taxpayers, the portal offers a tool that can prepare the tax return in GSTR-1 format in offline mode which can be downloaded from the GSTN portal.

The GSTR-1 software and the offline java tool have been elaborately tested. The portal has started accepting invoice uploads into GSTR-1 from July 24. Now taxpayers can prepare GSTR-1 at their convenience on their own computer and upload the data to the Portal easily within a matter of minutes using the offline tool,” Navin Kumar, Chairman, GSTN said.

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