Proposal for Deferment of E-way Bill by Centre Citing Lack of Software

The e-way bill requires pre-registration of transfer of goods of value above Rs. 50,000 which the Centre is considering postponing by a few months. However, the states are unwilling to defer the implementation of e-way bill. This has forced the Government to ask National Informatics Centre (NIC) to work in tandem with the GST-Network (GSTN) over the possibility of assessing whether an all India e-way bill system can be developed over a short period of time.

The industry however has expressed reservations over the e-way bill limit of Rs. 50,000 as being too low and that the estimation with respect to completion of transport operation was impractical and not possible to achieve.

Furthermore, the industry players were also concerned about no distinction being made between transportation of all kind of goods whether they were prone to tax evasion or not.

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